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Hi, I'm Joshua Zou,
 const birthday = 1203026556000; 
 let current =; 
 let year = 31556952000; 
yr old full stack dev from Washington
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What I do

In general


languages I
know ("knowingness" not measured by ability to print 'hello world!')

  • python

  • javascript
  • TS TypeScript

  • git

  • C++

  • EJS

  • node.js

  • web dev
  • TensorFlow
  • No-SQL
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my github contributions
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My top projects
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Coin Tunnel Coin Tunnel An easy to use, open source cryptocurrency payment system
Buyers can either signup, connect their wallet directly, and start buying things effortlessly Or, they can deposit money into a temporary wallet which which is then transfered to the merchant
Open Skin
Open Skin Open Skin is a machine learning application that can identify many types of skin diseases
Open Skin is built on tensorflow JS and can be used either with an API, (image sizes are limited) or downloaded locally
Elon Discord Bot
Elon Bot Yeah... this one's a bit strange Elon Bot is a discord bot that has a currency system built on doge, with a stock/crypto exchange with real, live market data.
Users can build their profile by getting a job, working, aquiring different crypto, stocks (all of Elon's), and suing/laundering money.
Unity Discord Bot Unity Bot What's up with all these discord bots?
Unity Discord bot allows Discord server owners to not worry about NSFW content being posted! It uses machine learning to recognize NSFW content and automatically delete it with user customizable thresholds

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Vanity-BTC A Bitcoin vanity address generator
A fast, secure, and web/native based Bitcoin & Litecoin vanity address generator
Vanity address are cryptocurrency addreses with a sequence of characters special or noticable

Repo | Website | Download

Works in progress
Projects/stuff that I'm currently working on

NDSNode Deployment Server
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prochia logo  Cloudiverse
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