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Hi, I'm Joshua Zou,
 const birthday = 1203026556000; 
 let current =; 
 let year = 31556952000; 
yr old full stack dev from Washington
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What I do

In general


languages I
know ("knowingness" not measured by ability to print 'hello world!')

  • python

  • javascript
  • TS TypeScript

  • git

  • C++

  • EJS

  • node.js

  • web dev
  • TensorFlow
  • No-SQL
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my github contributions
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My top projects
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Coin Tunnel Coin Tunnel An easy to use, open source cryptocurrency payment system
Buyers can either signup, connect their wallet directly, and start buying things effortlessly Or, they can deposit money into a temporary wallet which which is then transfered to the merchant
Notation Notation is an online marketplace where users can trade their notes! Simply sell your old notes for points, and use those to purchase notes relevant to you!
Notation has won first place in two hackathons!

Repo | Live website Devpost
Elon Discord Bot
Elon Bot Yeah... this one's a bit strange Elon Bot is a discord bot that has a currency system built on doge, with a stock/crypto exchange with real, live market data.
Users can build their profile by getting a job, working, aquiring different crypto, stocks (all of Elon's), and suing/laundering money.
Unity Discord Bot NDS (Node Deployment Server)
NDS is a self-hosted mini-cloud! It allows you to deploy any code you want to your server running NDS! Run jobs, create storage spaces, manage users, and much more!

Repo | Releases
Vanity-BTC A Bitcoin vanity address generator
A fast, secure, and web/native based Bitcoin & Litecoin vanity address generator
Vanity address are cryptocurrency addreses with a sequence of characters special or noticable

Repo | Website | Download

Works in progress
Projects/stuff that I'm currently working on

NDSNode Deployment Server
Notation LogoNotation
webpage logoVanity-BTC
prochia logo  Cloudiverse
Where I've been and what I've done
Lead Developer Aviato Aug 2022 - Present
  • Leading the frontend and backend development team behind Aviato's revolutionary pitch software for funds and founders.
  • Developer behind the entire Aviato Analytics platform
  • Creating Aviato's frontend in Typescript and React, writing over 200,000 lines of code
  • Optimized and deployed complex AWS systems involving IAM, Lambda, DynamoDB, CloudSearch, ElasticBeanstalk, EC2, Cognito, API Gateway, S3, MediaConvert
  • Created complex webscrapers, capturing over 11 million data points and 15 gigabytes of raw text data
Aviato Website Aviato LinkedIn
Director of Development App Dev League 501(c)(3) Non Profit Aug 2021 - Present
  • Primary developer behind the Devnetic learning platform, incorporating a full IDE environment and 500 hours of comprehensive learning content, including chapters like AI, WebDev, WebDev Projects, Basic Computer Science, and USACO
  • Designed and generated over 100 hours of learning content for aspiring development
  • Developed websites for other non-profit organizations
App Dev League Website Devnetic Web App ADL LinkedIn
Founder Coin Tunnel Dec 2020 - July 2022
  • Sole Developer behind the entire Coin Tunnel Platform
  • Designing key Coin Tunnel architecture such as: payment systems, wallet watchers, authentication schemes, docker containers, scaling, cloud wallets, security
  • Incorporated the MERN stack, in addition to EJS and Express.JS
Coin Tunnel Website
Co-Founder Vivid Hacks Organizations May 2020 - Present
  • Co-Lead a team of 8 to organize 3 hackathons, as of now. Each hackathon amassed over 200 participants, with over 20,000 dollars in prizes given away
  • Worked with over 20 different companies of various sizes to sponsor each Vivid Hacks hackathon.
  • Built and hosted the first ever public RICI (Run it Code it) hackathon, where participants get a pre-compiled terminal program and replicate it to the best of their ability within 45 minutes.
Vivid Hacks Website 2021 Vivid Hacks 2022 Vivid Hacks
Co-Founder JJZR Bots Dec 2020 - May 2022
  • Co Founder, along with Joshua Ren, a close friend, for this collection of Discord Bots designed to not only be fun, but also educational and safe
  • Designed architecture for both Elon Bot and Unity Bot, incorporating machine learning, no-sql technologies, sharding systems, and more.
  • Grew our user base to over 10,000 people on discord.
Elon Bot Website Invite Elon Invite Unity
Any title Your company/project here ∞ - ∞
  • Wanna hire me for anything?
  • If anything above looks interesting to you, feel free to shoot me an email at!
  • I've got experience in JS, TS, JSX, TSX, React, Express.JS, Rust, C++, C#, .NET, NoSQL, AWS Stack, Docker, Ruby, Swift, HTML, CSS, TailwindCSS, Python, Machine Learning, Tensorflow, and much more
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